Little Letters – 2015

One day at work I decided to post my eldest daughter a letter. At 3 she is enraptured by fairies, princesses and dresses. So I did a drawing of a fairy for her over my lunch break – not a very good one I might add! But she got the letter and was quite chuffed. Then my youngest got a little jealous and wanted something to open too…(2 year olds are a little funny like that).

So then I had to post two letters.

And a funny thing happened. I discovered that I enjoyed doing them. So I figured I should try really hard to use my best handwriting and to do good drawings…

…and every week I do two drawings over lunch and I send them each a letter.

One day I will bind them all together in a book for each of them and give them to them all over again.

p.s. This is probably the closest I will ever get to a blog. I will try to update these each week after my daughters have received their letters…