Have You Seen A Monster?

The next Book in my Monster series.
It features another CD with 3 new songs, a fully scored read along including sound effects and new music videos (…on their way)
I was always conscious of trying to make the next one better than the first so it didn’t feel as though ‘It’s Not A Monster, It’s Me!’ was just a fluke…and I think I may have done that. I like it. But the most important thing is that my daughter LOVES it!
That was all I was hoping for.
The story is pretty simple. There’s a Monster. He has a problem. There’s two children. They have the solution…but of course it’s not quite what you’d expect and there’s a lovely little surprise at the end…
Here’s the first video for the first song on the CD plus a few sample spreads of the artwork.

You can have a listen to the songs and purchase the books by clicking on the ‘Shop’ link at the bottom of he page