Strawbelly Pops!

Welcome to my life!

Strawbelly Pops is a series of silent slides that document my life as an author, artist, musician and photographer.

Oh and father of three. The progress can be a bit hard to see sometimes.


Little Letters

Every week I scrawl a wee fairy or two for the little ones. Sometimes they’re getting up to mischief and sometimes they’re just playing with bumble bees and flowers. It’s a good reminder to appreciate the silly, fanciful things the kids bring to my life.



Have You Seen a Monster?
Well have you? Because the kids are looking for him. I’ve created my own little monster with this book series.

Keep an eye out for more surprises soon…


The Little City Critters

Sometimes I write music and pretend I’m a rockstar. Then I stomp around the lounge with the little ones while we all sing our hearts out. My wife LOVES it.



This is My Stuff…


…And This is Me!

…yes I do look THAT good!



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